City Council and Local Government Officials


Peter Amoruso, Mayor



Peter Taylor, Vice Mayor



Greg Baldwin, Councilman


I was born in Sacramento, California when it was still considered a cow town. I grew up in Orangevale when it was an agricultural community nestled between orchards of fruit trees and wide open fields. As the youngest of four children, I was taught to work hard, respect others, be honest, obey the laws and to love our country. I retired on July 3, 2010 from Sacramento County Department of Transportation, having worked there for almost 36 years. In May of 1994, my wife and I moved to Plymouth to get away from the rat race, constant noise and crime that had entered Orangevale and surrounding communities of Sacramento. We bought a “state of the art” fixer upper, as my wife coined it, built in approxamently 1872. My wife had research done on our house and we discovered that the house was named Daniel’s Carpenter Shop at the turn of the century. Several years ago we split our property and recently we were able to build a brand new home on the lot, where we now live. I spent six plus years on the Planning Commission for the City of Plymouth and was chairperson for two years. I have also served on the City Council for the past six years, two years as Vice-Mayor and now as Mayor. What a privilege! Four years ago I was appointed to sit on the Amador County Transportation Commission / Amador Regional Transit System. I finished up as chairperson last year with my term ending on 01/25/2011. It has been my pleasure to work with our city staff and other officials throughout Amador County. The City of Plymouth and Amador County also have great volunteers who are always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need! My wife once said, “Plymouth is the City with a Heart! It’s a wonderful town to live in and is filled with great people!”


Jon Colburn, Councilman


Life time resident.



Sandy Kyles, Councilman



Jeffery Gardner, City Manager / Finance Director


Jeff has an extensive background working with local governments as a financial and business consultant. He has been working with the City of Plymouth for the past 23 years. He was appointed City Manger on January 1, 2011. He brings a broad spectrum of knowledge to the City and brings a new perspective to local government coming from the private sector. Jeff has done extensive work in governmental accounting and finance. He has worked with Counties, Cities, Special Districts and not for profit organizations throughout northern California. In the private sector Jeff has worked with developers, wineries, law firms, engineering companies, medical practices and a variety of small to medium size businesses. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Jeff has been involved in local community organizations for the past 25 years. Jeff has a degree in Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt State University and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He has two grown children and enjoys many outdoor activities along with good food and wine, but not necessarily in that order.


Kat Cook, Attorney





Local Representatives

Tom McClintock, California 4th District United States Congressman - Click here to go to his website

Tom Berryhill, California 14th Senate District State Senator - Click here to go to his website

Frank Bigelow, California 5th Assembly District Assemblyman - Click here to go to his website

Brian Oneto, Amador County District 5 Supervisor - Click here to go to his website


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